Listed below are various workshops that we offer. These workshops are all designed to provide authentic, and engaging educational experiences and can be designed for various age ranges and grades.

These workshops also are designed to fulfill Indian Education for All Standards and Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians.

Many of these events require seasonal gathering are only available certain times of year. *Advanced notice required

Art Making (Printmaking, Gelli Plate, Pictographic art, Public Art, Murals)

Salish Language

Native Plants

Seasonal Round

Plains Indian Sign Language

Miniature Drums and Rawhide Properties

Cattail Weaving (Miniature Cattail weaving mats)*

Cedar Bark Clay Baskets

Native Games: Stickgame, Hoop and Dart, Run and Scream, Rock Games

Shield Making (Chamois Rawhide)

Tribal uses of animal hide


Coyote Stories