Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is for our reservation, tribes, and communities to be xʷlxʷilt, “alive and well” through access to authentic Indigenous educational experiences. We are guided by our passion for perpetuating Salish language and cultural values to provide consultation, instruction, and support to community stakeholders. From the 1860’s to 1960’s (and beyond) in the United States, Native American children were forcibly removed from their families and tribes in the name of education. Before colonization and boarding schools, our Native children were taught their identity by intergenerational knowledge transfer, by thinking, doing, making, noticing and expressing. All of these ways of learning identity were purposefully and methodically oppressed in US boarding schools. We hope to be a part of healing this historical trauma. We use high-impact teaching practices to bring Indigenous values, worldview, and ways of knowing to education and especially to those that serve our tribal students.