Our Inspiration

The inspiration for creating our business is to allow us to collaborate with many schools and institutions and cast a wide net across our region to help educate about Salish people, culture and language. There is a need for Native American representation in schools and other public institutions. Tribal knowledge and contributions should be celebrated as often as any other subject in school or recognized in public institutions to truly understand the history of this nation and state. Access to learning about Native American history and contributions are always at stake. Montana has failed in its efforts to meet Indian Education For All Standards, written in its own constitution, and our business fights this racial injustice by providing support to teachers and institutions to deliver appropriate, meaningful, creative, collaborative, authentic and engaging educational experiences. Read more about this situation here: Montana tribes sue over Indian Education for All compliance Teachers, especially non-Tribal teachers, struggle to create or implement curriculum that incorporates all the traits mentioned above, and our students miss out. We are committed to being a resource that helps Montana teachers.