a̓stqʷ: Salish Cedar Bark Basket Teacher Resources

This video was created from our project sponsored by a grant through the Montana Arts Council. The video features Salish language and culture surrounding folded cedar bark baskets. Scroll down for art projects and a free “cedar bark” printable download!

Cedar Tree Infographic

Free Download providing interesting and important facts about Cedar trees.

Download and print this picture of cedar bark below. It can be folded into the form of a cedar bark basket. Use a hole punch and thread to sew it together and make you own miniature basket. This printable download was supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of State Government.

Salish Cedar bark basket project

Free download!

Peeled Cedar Bark Color Printout

Printout the “cedar bark” in the link above to create a replica basket in your classroom.

Supplies: Yarn, sinew or embroidery thread, hole punchers, and some scotch tape.

You can cut the sheet into the size you need. Then fold it in half and fold the rim of the basket to give it some strength.

Sew the basket. Create your own unique sewing pattern!

Make sure to include a handle to hang it off your belt, or on the wall.

Themes of gathering, survival, being in the forest, life and anatomy of trees, and Native American history and culture can all be connected to this basket project.

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